Why I'm Here

It's easy to feel disconnected; out of touch with ourselves and the world around us.
Travel can help us re-engage. 
Whether you want to gain a new perspective on the world, forge new connections, or simply want time away from your responsibilities and devices to reconnect with yourself or your loved ones...my mission is to help you accomplish that. 
For me, travel is not about checking something off a list; it's about feeling inspired, perceiving things in new ways, and making friends across the globe. 
What is travel for you?


Hi, I'm Jenny Park

I live to travel and to help others do the same. Hidden gems are my thing, and  charming and beautiful properties are a must! I've spent the most time traveling through Europe and Asia, but am always expanding my horizons. 

My Story

I grew up in rural South Carolina. At 17, I took my first international trip, and my world grew infinitely larger. Since then, I've taken every opportunity to wander through cities, explore natural wonders, taste all the foods, and meet amazing people generous enough to share their country with me. 
20 years and nearly 50 countries after that first trip, travel remains my greatest source of learning and empowerment. While I travel as much as I can, Chattanooga is home, and I share it with my husband John, teen stepkids Calvin and Isabel, and very spoiled sheepdog Ranger. I serve on the boards of Adventure Cycling Association and the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority, and hold a B.A. in Anthropology and Master of Public Administration.

Why I became a travel advisor...

After more than a decade in city planning and nonprofit management, my announcement that I was leaving it all to start a boutique travel agency was a bit of a surprise to my colleagues and partners. And yet, it was the perfect fit. 
For so many years, people have looked to me for travel advice, and even asked how I managed to travel so much. Helping others create lifelong memories through travel... this is my passion and purpose.


A Few of My Favorite adventures

get to know me


Exploring Japan's Culture and History


Finding art in Barcelona


Soaking in Southeast Asia


Luxury River Cruising




Wildlife Encounters in Panama

travel services

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Whether a multi-destination adventure, a river cruise, or a totally relaxing resort honeymoon, I'll work to find the perfect spots for your valuable vacation time. Every trip is different! My fees are scaled to the complexity of trip, and I provide a custom quote following our discovery call. 

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